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    • LIFE Fabric Swatch Pack

      The LIFE Fabric Swatch Pack
      Our LIFE Fabric Swatch Pack consists of 31 organic fabrics. Featuring selections like Tencel, EcoVero, Organic Cotton, Rayon and 100% Natural Silk. This pack is perfect for you if you are looking to design and create sustainable products.
      Ships Free Worldwide.
    • Fabric Swatch Pack


      Want to start a print project but don’t know where to begin? The FABX mini fabric swatch pack is the perfect place to start. Each pack consists of 34 polyester fabrics and best showcase the colour range, sheerness, texture and shine. Featuring selections like Chiffon, Satin, Canvas and Scuba. This pack is perfect for you to unleash your creativity into vibrant wearable products.

      Get a feel for which fabric is perfectly soft, stretchy, sturdy, shiny or silky enough for your project.

      Check out the print quality and colour vibrancy to pick the ideal fabric for you.
      Ships Free Worldwide.

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